Yoga Classes


Yoga is a union of mind, body, and breath


Come discover your vitality, power, and freedom during my Baptiste Yoga Journey Into Power Practice! This sequence is designed for all body types, ages, and levels.  The Baptiste Power Vinyasa style of yoga is a sequence of postures or asanas, linking breath and movement. We flow through the series in a 95 degree room to promote release of toxins and to provide fluidity and flexibility in the muscles. The practice supports you to raise your vitality and physical power, and will empower you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence.

Every time I put my mat down, the best decision for my day has been made. Baptiste Power Yoga has given me the tools to align my physical body to my mind + breath, and to be with the ever changing landscape of life.  I see that I am the one changing with each sweat drop, every wheel pose, and every savasana.  My horizon is clear, my language is essential, and my dedication to showing up is unwavering.  The practice is being committed to your yes, and each day is your canvas to create it.  

I am an an instructor at Up Yoga, where the mission is to empower you to generate connections, take action, and be a leader in your own life. At Up Yoga, we get sweaty, messy, and vulnerable, on and off the mat. We are smart, sassy, loving, driven, goal-oriented, badass yogis, and we always welcome everyone with open arms.