Running a business, starting a side hustle, and chasing dreams is anything but easy. But it CAN be easy to feel less than capable, assuming everyone else seems to have it all figured out.

Can we share a little secret?

No one has it all figured out.


But they likely do have some support!

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of bringing your dreams to life? Find the day-to-day of running a business scary? Are you letting fear hold you back from your greatness? Do you struggle to manage your time and priorities?

During YES Work, Brandyn will coach you through numerous systems within a group setting to inspire you to create a solid framework for your business. Whether you’re just getting started or need to refresh your routine, YES Work is the perfect place to ensure your business is getting the attention it deserves.


YES Work Includes:

  • Define your business purpose

  • Healthy you = healthy business

  • Purpose driven goal setting

  • Prioritization 101: organizing your time in business buckets (sales, marketing, operations, finance)

  • Create business and health goals

  • Graduation

  • Workbook

  • Private FB Group Page


Does my business need to be at a certain point to benefit from YES Work?

Your business doesn’t need to be up & running to attend! If you are in the beginning stages of setting your business up, this is a perfect time to take our program. And, if you have an existing business, you will still benefit greatly. We believe ongoing education and learning new perspectives to assess and see your business is part of your journey! We would love for you to participate, regardless of the stage or size of your business.

Will I have an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on what I am creating?

Yes! At the beginning of each call, we start with questions, wins, and challenges. Group participation is critical for personal and group success and growth. We want to hear from you!

What if I have to miss a call?

No worries, friend! Each session is recorded and will be posted on the private Facebook page for you to enjoy at any time and as many times as you’d like for maximum benefit. This course is all about YOU.

What time zone are the calls?

Alll of our group calls take place in the Central Time Zone.

Word on the Street:


“When I came to Brandyn for help balancing my career, business ventures, and family, I knew she’d be able to help me find clarity and balance. She’s a wonderful listener and guide through the self discovery process. She provides encouragement but also asks the hard questions to really uncover strengths that are either underutilized or expressed too strongly. Finding better balance has already positively impacted all areas of my life.”


“My experience with YES Work has been really, really wonderful so far! Brandyn has brought clarity for me on my purpose and how I can achieve my purpose in all domains of my life. I’ve also been guided to identify where I've been holding myself back. The group is intense in a really good way; during our time together, I feel stretched and uncomfortable in a "I'm growing" kind of way! I also feel an incredible sense of belonging to our group, like we were purposefully brought together to help each other grow.”


"I learned that I am abundant and I can reach my goals even if they seem large to me now. I have the tools to accomplish them."