You’re in a routine. You find ease in meal prepping. Grocery shopping feels more approachable. Your peers lived this transformation with you. You’ve transitioned from “I’ll do it TOMORROW” to actually living it TODAY.

How empowering does this sound?


Ready to create a healthy lifestyle, yet struggle to find the time to do so?  Worry a lot, and notice your productivity suffering?  Challenged expressing yourself, and struggle seeing the positive in situations as a result? Want to create a lasting change, and tired of the quick fixes? 

YES Health was created so you can uncover health in all areas of your life.  We designed the program through the eyes of Positive Psychology so you can create more of the things that bring you energy in body & mind.  You will learn your 24 strengths using VIA Character Strengths Assessment, and discover how they are being expressed in your life.  With the use of your strengths & Arbonne’s® 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond Program, you will unleash your body's natural vitality, and create more of what you desire in your life.  

Arbonne Essentials® supports a healthy lifestyle with a collection of products that deliver protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals with targeted formulas to support energy and digestive health. All ingredients are pure, safe, and are scientifically tested.

Over the next 30 days, you will enjoy a complete health revolution. Enjoying 1-2 nutrient and mineral dense shakes per day and whole-food nutrition, you’ll introduce foods and products to jump start your digestion and detox your body. Eliminating highly inflammatory and problematic foods, together we’ll bring major awareness to your specific body’s needs and how you personally react with specific foods to ensure you feel your best and can Live Your YES!


YES Health Includes:

  • 5 weekly group meetings at Modo Yoga Minneapolis starting Friday, October 4th. Meetings will start at 4:30PM-5:15PM. The last group meeting will be Friday, November 1st, and the 30 day challenge ends Sunday, 3rd.

  • Modo Yoga offering a special Yes Health 30 days unlimited yoga & barre to any participants for special rate $100!

  • LYY Meal Prep 101

  • LYY Grocery

  • Shopping Guide

  • Support + accountability

  • Yes Health Workbook, rich with custom content, recipes, shopping lists, and resources for easy access throughout the 30 days.

  • VIA Strengths Assessment

  • Weekly Healthy Recipes (vegan or non vegan)

  • Private Arbonne® Group with rich resources and daily support from global community. This group is truly incredible, and can answer just about any questions that arise over the 30 days, and beyond.

  • Each week the group will discuss Inquiry questions from Yes Health Workbook, share milestones, and receive guidance where needed.

  • Daily meditation encouraged as well as yoga & barre to build community, and build health.


*you will be redirected to LYY MindBody Online.


What’s in Arbonne’s products?

Arbonne is healthy living, inside and out, combining the best of science and nature to produce formulas that deliver incredible results.

Learn more about Arbonne’s mission and values.

What if I want the coaching but don’t care for any products?

No Worries Friend! If you prefer the coaching expertise, but not the products, you are definitely welcome to join the individual program! Purchase yes health individual sessions here.

Purchase Arbonne30 Days to Healthy Living Here:

Please be sure to purchase your products using Brandyn’s page (she’s in the upper left hand corner). Pick the preferred client pricing to receive free shipping on your healthy living purchase, & save on your purchases. Arbonne Essentials® for the preferred price of $266.40.

What’s included in Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond?

Support your healthy lifestyle with a collection of products that deliver protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Read more about the program specifics.

Is this just a Shakes program?…

No- absolutely not. You can choose 1 or 2 shakes daily. The purpose of the shakes are to supplement your body so you receive the nutrient, vitamin, protein, and mineral support it needs.

Word on the Street:


“The Yes Health program is a game changer! I have made the first real step to a better, healthier life with the help of this program! I mentally feel clearer and sharper. My work productivity has increased. I have more energy for my family every day when I come home! I now see a path to a long future of better health!”


Yes Health gave me the reset I needed. I practice whole food nutrition, but I needed a system to make it even easier; less prep, less work, less thought. I’ve searched high and low for a system that supports my busy life while also providing real food. Until this, I didn’t feel comfortable with anything on the market. Huge benefit to have Brandyn’s support not only during the Cleanse portion, but ongoing as a cheerleader and supporter of my goals. Highly recommend!!”