"After my first coffee meeting with Brandyn I knew I needed her energy and advice around me more consistently. My business is going through a growth point and Brandyn has been a crucial part of shaping the way I propel my business forward. Brandyn's coaching style is all-encompassing which was perfect for my approach to business. There are so many personal roadblocks associated with your needs and values that inhibit your ability to lead and perform and if you ignore them your business will suffer. After doing 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Brandyn I decided to also sign up for an entrepreneur group she had organized. This group well exceeded my expectations and I got so much out of it that I didn't expect. Surrounding myself with other talented entrepreneurs who are going through similar struggles had a way of naturally focusing my goals while also receiving incredibly helpful feedback."

Laura Waldman
Curator & Founder

Minny & Paul



"Brandyn has been a light in my life for many years. She is that friend I can always be real with, that knows me deep down and loves me all the more. Last year when I mentioned opening my own studio she was the first to encourage me to be courageous and go for it. About 6 months in to business I knew I needed more of Brandyn’s coaching expertise, so I hired her. Wow am I glad! I have 12+ years of corporate retail/marketing experience but this is my first time as an entrepreneur. Brandyn and I got to work right away (this woman doesn’t waste time) and by the end of my first session I had rewritten my mission statement, reviewed my core values and started to upgrade process, marketing plans and more. With each session we fine-tune new programs, newsletters, trainings, etc…all returning back to the mission and core values. She keeps me focused on what’s important and encourages me to “think bigger”. Brandyn walks the talk! She is crystal clear on her own core values and it is inspiring. It’s by far the best money I’ve spent as a business owner. She is priceless!"

Lindsay Grabb
Owner & Founder

Up Yoga



"What lead me to Brandyn was her non-judgmental passion for connecting and believing in others. I was in search of direction and assistance in differentiating my brand from others in the market place. What I received from my coaching with Brandyn was beyond my expectations, and transformative in every aspect of my life. When you start your coaching with Brandyn you think you are going to address one specific area and find growth in that specific area. However Brandyn has a way of touching all aspects of your life and helping you flourish beyond your wildest dreams. She is wickedly smart and can quickly grasp in-depth aspects of your business while applying an outside eye to help you view your business from a different perspective resulting in more efficient operations and revenue streams. Simply put Brandyn possesses both street smarts and book smarts! She helps fill in (and grow) any gaps you may possess. She provides so many resources and tools to ensure that the growth you gain with her is long lasting!  Brandyn has created an outstanding community and she does not hesitate to include you in it! What ever you are in search of, I know you will find it and new avenues of opportunity with Brandyn! The only regret I have is that I didn’t find her sooner. Brandyn is the full package: you’ll discover a deep connection with her that results in growth in all areas of your life but she is balanced and will remain focused on whatever you initially wanted. It’s magic! You, your team and/or business can conquer your next big goal with guidance from Brandyn.  Thank you for being an advisor, cheerleader, advocate, resource, educator, inspiration and community leader Brandyn!!"

Katie Forschler



"Working with Brandyn has been a game changer for my business partner and I in every way. Her dedication to discovering and harnessing the unique capabilities that differentiate what our small business offers has focused our approach to selling our product, resulting in immediate increases in sales and an overall focused strategy. The most surprising aspect of working with Brandyn is how quickly these gains occur. She listens intently, asks questions that provoke insight, and offers feedback that changes how you consider challenges.

Simultaneously, Brandyn has an innate ability to break through the personal walls that may have prevented past success in your business or career. You’ll leave a meeting feeling like you’ve not only made significant gains in creating a focused mission and strategy, but also gains in personal growth that far exceed your expectations. For an entrepreneur who's life is riddled with stress and sometimes fear of the unknown, this personal growth and development of strengths makes all the difference. I believe this stems from Brandyn’s strong sense of self and dedication to living with and operating her own career with intention. She has years of successful experience under her belt that is relevant to almost any business and easily translate this to constant epiphanies for those lucky to consult with her.

Brandyn has given my business partner and I a deep understanding of the unique abilities we each bring to the table, broken through walls we could never articulate being there in the first place, and given us such hope and positivity for the future. An entrepreneur that works with Brandyn will undoubtedly gain confidence, focus and constant results....and likely a lifelong friend and support system. The time spent with Brandyn is always productive, resulting in continual insight. She is one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet and she will make an enormous impact on anyone looking to grow their business!"

Lizzie Hillmann-Butch
Co-Owner + Creative Director




"As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for fast results, but in most things, I need to wait. Immediately after hiring Brandyn, however, I started to see noticeable change in everyone she was coaching. I've seen improvements in communication, conflict resolution, performance, and health for everyone she is working with. Beyond that, she is helping my team to awaken a drive for improvement, both professionally and personally, which is incredible to see."

Riley Harlan
President & CEO

Symtec, Inc.



"Thank you for your guidance this past year. You have taught me how to take a minute to slowdown and just breathe. I have used this practice since meeting you and it has made a world of a difference in how I approach each day! I also appreciate the way you broke down big goals into smaller manageable steps. You truly have a gift in helping people grow and develop on a professional and personal level."

Heather Stay
HR Generalist



"Brandyn challenged my perspective, pushing me to grow in places where I didn’t know I could. There was a point in my coaching where I felt I was hitting my proverbial ceiling; I felt tired, frustrated, and overworked. She has helped me let go of the perfectionist inside that has driven me to feel that way my whole life when things get tough. This has opened me up to growth in all areas of life and I could not be more excited for that and thankful for Brandyn."




"I realized I need to start taking care of myself 1st. I always wan't to help others. You helped me to speak my mind and not hold it in, you also helped with not being passive aggressive. I learned a lot each month with the different topics we had in SLA and took something from each of them and used it in my everyday life. I really enjoyed my one-on-one time with you I felt so special because it was about me and helping me grow to be a better person in my personal life and home life.

Thank-you my friend."




“Brandyn Negri is my absolute top choice when it comes to getting an outside resource for coaching. In a field flooded with options, she stands alone at the top. Her intuitive and passionate approach to creating lasting transformational changes within our staff have been paramount in developing leaders. These leaders are the ones we go to now to take on more responsibility and engage in collaborative innovation. Brandyn’s coaching has been one of the greatest assets to our Leadership Academy, through creating substantial growth in every team member.” 

Billy Sanderson




"Because of Brandyn's coaching and all that she has taught me, I’ve experienced more personal growth in the past 6 months than I ever have because I’m aware of my values and I’m living through them. I’ve become more vulnerable and have been able to move past personal anxieties and in directions that I never would have before. I’ve been focusing of living through my passion for learning (which I also found out is my top strength, which is pretty cool) and my passion for educating / coaching.  The coolest part for me is seeing my family and my circle of influence become better versions of themselves because of this alignment. Coaching is a passion of Brandyn's and it has made a huge difference in my life.  I truly feel that the trajectory of my life (and my network of people) has positively changed in a pretty major way."

Ben Anderson
Manufacturing Engineer





"We needed direction with our company vision and when we found Brandyn, we knew she could help us establish clarity. Let me just say, we are so glad we worked with her! We can't say enough about this woman. Brandyn is someone who truly understands people and the importance of making a connection to them. Her presence is calming and her knowledge is powerful. When you can find someone that understands business...that is relatable, kind and passionate, you get success. Thanks for everything you do for us and our company."

Nikki Hollerich and Anna Hagen

Hagen and Oats



"It was such a privilege to be part of your ABUNDANCE event on Sunday! You clearly are in your sweet spot with this combination of personal coaching, personal health and personal purpose.  I was very honored to speak with you, and what a treat to finally meet Mario.  He is a gem, you two have an incredible story, and are doing incredible work.  I hope the rest of the day was insightful and fulfilling.  Again, than you for this opportunity, I learned a great deal and was inspired by all those participating."

Susan Gunderson
Chief Executive Officer




“Thank you for investing in the Microsoft Women’s Networking community with your learning culture message and Abundance Coaching process.   

It was an excellent break for us from our fast paced, always on, cloud and mobile culture to review from the top our CEO Satya Nadella’s vision for the culture of Microsoft on learning being more important than knowing… Your background and personal story connecting to Microsoft’s learning culture was touching, transparent and inspiring and the process you led created this unique open space for all of us to feel in our hearts and visualize in our minds something special for each of us.  Your direction on a process to achieve our true goals in life require learning and not just “change” however instead a core element of “choice” to propel us all forward in our paths for our deep meaning of success and other core priorities.

Thank you for welcoming us into your Abundance community and I look forward to the upcoming Abundance Event in January which will reinforce our journeys and growth mindset Microsoft culture.“

Christine Krsnick




“I so appreciate your guidance.  You have a special gift.  I am so glad you are using it to help coach people(especially for myself! :). There are people in life who have a special way in the world that allows them to guide others through change and make it positive.  You are one of those special people.”

Celeste Jibben



"As a result of working with Brandyn, my perspective shifted, and I became more mindful. She creates the most positive, results oriented setting. Her continued determination and support, along with her expertise to “stay the course”, has moved me in the direction of seeking life changing experiences. As a result of working with her, contentment is now a daily emotion for me."

Laurie Omodt-Tebrake



"I am a Realtor in my 2nd year in the Downtown Minneapolis market. I needed some guidance on seeing the day to day process and making productive activities that will bring me business. Brandyn also listened to my concerns and was able to break it down so that my business life would grow and in turn would spill into my personal life concerns and sort of work itself out. I learned that I am abundant and I can reach my goals even if they seem large to me now I will have the tools to accomplish them. She also is very supportive on my goals and listens without judgement. I highly recommend Brandyn for any field; she is the whole package. I am excited to start my year off with her by my side."

Lynn Burn,
Keller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes



"For me, Brandyn has been a bridge to many self-discoveries:
confidence, curiosity, believing, hope and strength - physically, mentally and emotionally. Learning yoga fundamentals from Brandyn and growing my practice through workshops and retreats she has lead, on and off the mat, have given me the tools to live a life that truly fuels my
heart and soul.

Brandyn’s ability to bring out the best in others never waivers and her passion and zest for life is contagious. Learning from and sharing her life experiences make her a shining light for so many. I have such gratitude for all she has taught me; giving me the courage to make change when necessary and dance in the joy of the life I choose to live." 

Karen Dalebroux