More love for Live Your Yes


“Brandyn has the uncanny ability to rapidly gain trust with people, something she accomplishes through an amazing level of empathy and kindness.  She has the uncanny ability to help people peel back the layers that bind them, while opening their eyes to endless potential.  The level of personal transformation that Brandyn has driven within our organization is nothing short of amazing.  She is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met, and she has made an undeniable impact on our corporate culture.”

Chris Carlson, CEO of Sportech


Coaching with Brandyn, I didn't know exactly what to expect. I love to challenge myself and let me tell you - this was outside of my comfort zone. I have learned more about myself in a matter of weeks working with Live Your Yes than I have my entire life. The group setting was also something I really appreciated - not only did I meet a group of smart, driven, bold women that I respect and admire -  but the group atmosphere gave more space to have those 'ah ha' moments. If you strive for continual learning, growth, and development you will LOVE LYY Group Coaching Experiences and your life will be changed. Truly. “

-Laura , Founder of Minny and Paul

"She provides so many resources and tools to ensure that the growth you gain with her is long lasting!"

Katie Forschler, Realtor


“I’ve known Brandyn for years and when I came to her for help balancing my career, business ventures, and family, I knew she’d be able to help me find clarity and balance. She’s a wonderful listener and guide through the self discovery process. She provides encouragement but also asks the hard questions to really uncover strengths that are either underutilized or expressed too strongly. Finding better balance has already positively impacted all areas of my life.”

Jerad, Co-Founder of Honour Essentials