Increase Employee Engagement

Looking for a few ways to keep your best talent challenged, and appreciated? In today's market place, investing & listening to your employees is a sure way to keep them fulfilled. You want to be known as a company with a strong work culture unafraid of innovation, otherwise the talent pool will go somewhere else. We've compiled a list to help you start!

  • Solicit anonymous feedback

The first place to start is to Understan your employee’s level of fulfillment at work.  Be strategic with the questions you ask so you get a bird’s eye view. Your employees have a perspective to give, and it’s super important you provide a safe  platform for them to give it. You might think you’ve created an “open door” agreement with them to do so….and based on our experience it’s rarely given. Employees need to know you’re open to receiving feedback, you will take to heart & consideration, and it is part of the company culture.  We realize a lot of people aren’t comfortable in the area of feedback. It’s so much easier to believe eveything is as great as it appears on the surface. The reality is, it’s not always. Feedback offers countless benefits, and keeping the goal of increasing employment engagement as our focus; this is a must. 

  • Personal growth benefits

When your team is growing, so is your business.  Giving your team the opportunity to attend a training, seminar, take an on-line course, and/or working with a coach are a few suggetions.  Chances are your business is growing, and your team needs to do the same. When employees aren’t being challenged; boredom increases. When this happens, creativity comes to a hault, zest is missing, and your business suffers.  One suggetion we recommend is having your employee share their new knowledge to team. This creates a culture of learning, and increases the team’s commitment to support each other. 

  • Workday team volunteering 

Build the positivity vibe in your company by hosting an employee volunteer day.  Research shows when we volunteer, our strengths of hope, kindness, and teamwork come forward.  You can invovle your team, and have them nominate charities they are passionate about so everyone has a voice in selecting them.  Be sure to share on all your social media channels your team charity day to build awareness about your fun work environment.  

  • Innovation Time

This is one we really believe in, and promise you will see future results.  Create an off-site opportunity for your employees to generate ideas for your business: process & systems upgrade, customer service opportunities, marketing ideas, diverse your market, incentives for team, charitable events, technology needed, etc.  If an idea sticks, stretch them further to the steps to implement. Be sure to reward them… us on this one!