Achieve Your Goals

You are an entrepreneur, a company visionary or a team leader looking to grow your business, align your team, build leadership or simply establish your goals.; Professional coaching is customized to maximize results for businesses large or small in industries with a focus on active-living, health and wellness, real estate and entrepreneurship.



  • Establish company vision: Core values, mission, unique qualities, proven process.
  • Reaching your ideal client
  • Goal Setting: Create specific, relevant, measurable and timely goals that support your vision.
  • Passive income opportunities 
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Coaching strategies to implement into your company
  • Coaching services to high potential employees



  • Elevate your existing business systems
  • Instill new practices that will save you time and resources
  • Infuse your company vision into the daily work flow and culture
  • Grow your bottom line by adopting new best practices


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Brandyn has chosen to support the non-for profit, Still Kickin.  She believes and has witnessed the organization financially help awesome people going through awful things, and wants to support them to help more people!  Still Kickin’ hosts numerous community classes, and events in the Twin Cities, and are good examples of living from their core values.  A portion of Brandyn Negri Coaching’s proceeds are donated each month to Still Kickin’s Sidekick program.  All the proceeds in the sidekick program are given to Still Kickin’s Heroes.  To learn more about Still Kickin, visit