Company Coaching: 6 key things to consider when hiring a company coach

Hiring a company coach is extremely beneficial when developing yourself and team.  It seems like everyone is some type of coach nowadays and it can be overwhelming to find a great one.

To help you out, we’ve compiled 6 key things to help you prepare for interviewing and hiring a company coach for your business:

Live Your Yes  6 tips for hiring a corporate coach
  1. What is possible

  2. Trust

  3. Alignment with corporate mission & values

  4. Personal Development Process

  5. Beyond the session

  6. Time


ONE: What is possible

When preparing for your meeting with a coach, be sure to spend time thinking about the possibilities you want for yourself or team. Most often, clients are clear on what they don’t like or isn’t working for them, but don’t forget what you WANT. Envision your future; what will your life look like after you’ve worked with your coach? What do you want to achieve? This will give you clarity on the gap between current reality and the possibilities moving forward.

TWO: Trust

Trust your gut instinct upon meeting a potential coach. This is an act of vulnerability and will be key in getting the most out of your coaching relationship. Does the coach’s language resonate with you?  Do you feel like they “get you” and exude a natural empathy? Our instincts are the best indicators, so pay attention.

THREE: Mission & Values

A good coach will know your mission & values and come prepared with questions inspired by them. On the flip side, be prepared to ask questions to the coach to see if their actions & coaching process align with your mission & values.  Also- does the coach have a mission & personal values? This is often overlooked, and important.

FOUR: Coaching Process

Make sure the coach you hire has a proven process. You want to hire someone who stands behind what they deliver. A process is measurable in delivering results aligned to bigger goals for the person or team. Learn the style of the coach as well. Each coach has a unique style of working with a person or team, so ask for a few examples. Also, does the coach have life experience (wisdom), blended in with coaching classes? Do they have specific training in their process they deliver or did they create it based on experience?

FIVE: Beyond the session

Creating good boundaries & expectations with the coach in the beginning creates a positive experience for everyone. Does the coach offer support in between sessions? Do they communicate and offer exercises to the person or team they are coaching in between sessions? Bottom line; get clear.

SIX: Time

How long does your coaching process take to see results? This is an honest question and can be hard to answer! It always depends on the by-in from the person or team being coached. We like to say “you have to do the work to see results”. Our advice is have an honest conversation with yourself or team before hiring a coach. On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to do the work? If you’re not a resounding YES, then it can take longer to see results when working with a coach. What you put into the relationship is what you get out of the relationship.

Want to learn more? We would love to discuss our process and how we can serve you and your team through our corporate coaching program.


Self Care in the New Year

What a perfect way to kick off the New Year with a vision for your self-care!  We often hear a blend of definitions for self-care, and we are here to add some perspective for you!

Self-care activities are those things we do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Countless research findings demonstrate the importance of one’s ability to attend to and meet personal needs. For instance, self-care has been found to increase empathy, immunologic functioning, and has been associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Live Your Yes Self Care

Self-care is sometimes mistaken for selfishness, however, according to Mills, Wand, and Fraser (2015), self-care allows people to take better care of others. These authors argue that it is a lack of self-care during times of distress that has a negative effect on one’s ability to provide care and compassion to others. Because self-care ensures that we have taken care of our needs, we operate from a state of inner balance, which renders us better equipped to meet others’ needs.

While self-care may sound simple enough, it is often difficult to execute. One of the most common reasons for people not engaging in regular self-care is that they “don’t have time”. Fortunately, there are many different self-care practices one can do, and none of them are especially time consuming or require a lot of planning. Once self-care becomes a part of everyday life, it is likely that people will become more and more protective of that time and wonder how they ever managed without it.

Doing kind and caring things for ourselves, particularly when we are struggling, can help us to cope and move through difficult emotional experiences. Self-care activities can be sensory, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social. The idea with initiating self-care and integrating it into everyday life is to find out what feels good to you—something that you genuinely enjoy doing, and that fits with your lifestyle and your values.

This exercise involves creating a self-care vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of a particular concept using images, illustrations and/or words. The aim of the exercise is to help clients increase self-care and self-compassion in a creative way.

Create Your Vision Board

LiveYourYes Vision Board

Brainstorm Activities: Come up with a list of as many potential self-care activities as possible. Be bold and creative, allowing yourself to consider new and different potential activities. Only include activities that you would genuinely enjoy doing and that fit with your lifestyle, your values, and your strengths.

Collect images for your board: Find positive images that correspond with your chosen self-care activities. Look for images that resonate with you, and inspire you. You might like to use the internet, magazines, and photographs as potential sources. Use photos of activities that you can do to take better care of yourself and your needs.

Collect Words for your board: You can decide to keep your vision board completely visual or to add words and phrases to it. The words and phrases you choose should reflect or relate to your chosen self-care activities. You might like to cut words out of magazines or print them from the internet. Choose words and fonts that resonate with you and inspire you.

Put your board together: Once you have gathered your images and inspiring phrases, get creative with your arrangement.

SHARE YOUR VISION BOARD! When you're all done shaping your 2019 vision, tag @LiveYourYes on Instagram and show us what you created.

Ready to learn more on Self Care? Head over to HighPer Space, where we talk about all kinds of self care and personal development for those ready to elevate in every area of their lives.

Thanksgiving Traditions and the Season of Gratitude

You know that feeling when something "goes your way", like discovering money in your coat pocket, or uncover a missing glove on a cold morning. The smile on your face might be quick, but what you bring to the surface is your strength of gratitude. "Thank you for being on my side today!"

Research shows that finding more opportunities to connect the things, moments, and people in your life with this grateful feeling can decrease stress, improve self-esteem, and overall make you a happier, more resilient person.

And, what's even better: you can stumble across gratitude in the ordinary things versus the grand gestures of appreciation to notice the benefits of this strength.

Today- thank your spouse or partner for folding the laundry, or give praise to your co-worker for their contribution on a team project. Think of that delicious lunch as something to be thankful for. Find gratitude in your health for simple things, like being able to run outside with your child, or having the strength to carry all of your groceries into the house in one trip. The key is to start noticing the small things, and instead of taking them for granted, giving them a moment of appreciation for making your life just a little bit sweeter.

Join our Instagram “yes for gratitude challenge” & spend one week focusing on the little gifts in your life, then watch how those little gifts multiply and grow...

LiveYourYes Gratitude Challenge

We say “yes” to Thanksgiving traditions….enjoy!

Ready for some simple moments worth celebrating? Read on for a few gratitude-worthy sentiments from the LYY Community. Inspired? Share yours in the comments, below!!

“My family likes to keep things small for Thanksgiving. There aren’t a lot of people at our dinner table, but there’s certainly plenty of food. My dad takes brussel sprouts to another level... every year, he tops them with parmesan and toasted walnuts. Yum! - Erikca

“Our Thanksgiving tradition is pretty much the same every year. Folks come to our house, and we cook up a huge meal. We go around the table and talk about “news & goods”.  One new thing that happened to us this year, one good thing that has happened to each of us this year, and one thing we are thankful for. “ -Jeff

“I love staying active as a way of practicing gratitude for my body.  I either begin the day with a yoga class at a local studio or a fun Thanksgiving run!” -Anne

“We host at my house.  It’s small but cozy, and there are typically about 16 people gathered around a makeshift large table. A small fire in the fireplace sets the cozy mood. Fam shows up about 4 for a cocktail hour. I make an assortment of craft cocktails to order and we cram ourselves into our living room to enjoy. I’ve been handed down a vintage rotisserie. It was my grandfathers. He had it in the deli/sandwich shop he owned in Laguna Beach, CA where my dad grew up. Thing works like a charm & makes this wonderful clicking sound as the bird or the roast rotates inside. My wife cooks everything else: brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, twice baked mashed potatoes, etc. My mom brings fresh pesto- a tradition we picked up from our Italian friends in San Fran when I was kid.  Dinner is fast, but slowed by a simple question that everyone has to answer: What are you most thankful for this year. Inevitably it ends with some grateful tears, and shy smiles with kind eyes.” - Josh

“We go on a big family walk after our meal!” - Megan

I am grateful to each of you for being part of my growing path, and your continued support with Live Your Yes.  Each of you contribute a lot of heart and soul to the communities you serve, and I am appreciative of your contribution to me.  It’s always a pleasure to work alongside of you, bump into you at coffee shops, in between yoga classes, or attending a LYY event.

In Gratitude,


Social Media 101 for Your Business

Hey Yes Community!

Why use social media to grow your business?

We learned a lot about using social media to grow our business at our recent Coffee & Conversation with Erika Voeller (social media + content guru)!  Social media is an ever-changing platform, and staying current with the in's and out's of how to use it is super beneficial in using your time + resources wisely.  Here are a few of our take-away's from the conversation:

Create consistency with your posts.
We love the mantra "Consistency builds trust".  Step 1: Figure out how often you will post. Step 2: Create content buckets on topics you are THE EXPERT. 3.Organize a content calendar on your CEO DAY 4.Use your brand mission statement, vision, and core values to guide you.  

Remember the Rule of Thirds.
1/3 informative (blog posts, thought leadership, industry updates).
1/3 Promotional (offers, downloads, coupons, sales + subscriptions).
1/3 Fun (employee photos/videos, jokes and memes, GIFs, contests + giveaways) 

What to post; you ask?  
Know your Target Audience Friends! You gotta know your audience: what drives them, and their pain points. Ask yourself, "Does this post benefit them?"

Dig into your analytics!  The numbers will tell you what is and what isn't working. Once you know what is working, create more similar posts!

Increase + retain followers on Instagram and Facebook
The Golden Rule applies to social media: do to others what you want done to you!  Spend time liking, sharing, and commenting on your followers posts. Build your digital community.
Post frequently + consistently. 
When your followers comment on your posts- comment back!  Share the love!

Marketing Tracking Worksheet + Resources
My Marketing & Marketing Worksheet helps you focus on what you want to create each month. 

Here are a few resources we love to support you: , Canva, Social Media ROI: What is it? How do I measure it?

Want Different Results? Try Something New!

Hey Yes Community!

The question I’m getting lately is “How can you be a YES, and still honor your boundaries?”

One of the special gifts we have as humans is the power to communicate and change our mind.  No other species can do this, so your ability to make decisions is your gift. Therefore your word, is a direct reflection of what you stand for in your life.  This is a pretty big statement when you stop and think about it. So back to how to honor your boundaries...

The word boundary as I am using it implies an imaginary or real line that marks a limit.  When you are clear with what you want in your life (Your YES), you set boundaries so you can create & receive it. The flip side is if you aren’t clear, then you react and are all over the place.  The results are being depleted, burn out, and loss of vitality. You start receiving and reacting to the needs and demands of everyone else. Before you know it- you say NO to things, and people who energize you because you’re mentally drained. 

Create from your YES.
Yes implies movement forward, and your creativity plus vitality start flowing. Yes is an energy, and a commitment to your bigger possibility or your why. 

What are your YES’S?  
What matters most in your life? What activities support your vitality, creativity, and bring energy you?  Mine:  Health, Family + Best Friends, and Work.  

Now What?
Put your YES into ACTION.  What are the first 2 action steps you will take this month to LIVE your YES? Write it down.

Your Story.
Beware of your self doubt, and excuses blocking you from living your yes. Identify the “story” that you are NOT good enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.  - and write it down.

MY Yes Declaration
I created a worksheet so you can write all the above down, and carry it with you.  Calendar your actions, and take a picture of your worksheet, so I can see what you are up to, too!  Post it on your Instagram feed, tag @liveyouryes, and #liveyouryes! You’ll be entered to win a 1 day juice cleanse from Truce Juice!