Social Media 101 for Your Business

Hey Yes Community!

Why use social media to grow your business?

We learned a lot about using social media to grow our business at our recent Coffee & Conversation with Erika Voeller (social media + content guru)!  Social media is an ever-changing platform, and staying current with the in's and out's of how to use it is super beneficial in using your time + resources wisely.  Here are a few of our take-away's from the conversation:

Create consistency with your posts.
We love the mantra "Consistency builds trust".  Step 1: Figure out how often you will post. Step 2: Create content buckets on topics you are THE EXPERT. 3.Organize a content calendar on your CEO DAY 4.Use your brand mission statement, vision, and core values to guide you.  

Remember the Rule of Thirds.
1/3 informative (blog posts, thought leadership, industry updates).
1/3 Promotional (offers, downloads, coupons, sales + subscriptions).
1/3 Fun (employee photos/videos, jokes and memes, GIFs, contests + giveaways) 

What to post; you ask?  
Know your Target Audience Friends! You gotta know your audience: what drives them, and their pain points. Ask yourself, "Does this post benefit them?"

Dig into your analytics!  The numbers will tell you what is and what isn't working. Once you know what is working, create more similar posts!

Increase + retain followers on Instagram and Facebook
The Golden Rule applies to social media: do to others what you want done to you!  Spend time liking, sharing, and commenting on your followers posts. Build your digital community.
Post frequently + consistently. 
When your followers comment on your posts- comment back!  Share the love!

Marketing Tracking Worksheet + Resources
My Marketing & Marketing Worksheet helps you focus on what you want to create each month. 

Here are a few resources we love to support you: , Canva, Social Media ROI: What is it? How do I measure it?

Want Different Results? Try Something New!

Hey Yes Community!

The question I’m getting lately is “How can you be a YES, and still honor your boundaries?”

One of the special gifts we have as humans is the power to communicate and change our mind.  No other species can do this, so your ability to make decisions is your gift. Therefore your word, is a direct reflection of what you stand for in your life.  This is a pretty big statement when you stop and think about it. So back to how to honor your boundaries...

The word boundary as I am using it implies an imaginary or real line that marks a limit.  When you are clear with what you want in your life (Your YES), you set boundaries so you can create & receive it. The flip side is if you aren’t clear, then you react and are all over the place.  The results are being depleted, burn out, and loss of vitality. You start receiving and reacting to the needs and demands of everyone else. Before you know it- you say NO to things, and people who energize you because you’re mentally drained. 

Create from your YES.
Yes implies movement forward, and your creativity plus vitality start flowing. Yes is an energy, and a commitment to your bigger possibility or your why. 

What are your YES’S?  
What matters most in your life? What activities support your vitality, creativity, and bring energy you?  Mine:  Health, Family + Best Friends, and Work.  

Now What?
Put your YES into ACTION.  What are the first 2 action steps you will take this month to LIVE your YES? Write it down.

Your Story.
Beware of your self doubt, and excuses blocking you from living your yes. Identify the “story” that you are NOT good enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.  - and write it down.

MY Yes Declaration
I created a worksheet so you can write all the above down, and carry it with you.  Calendar your actions, and take a picture of your worksheet, so I can see what you are up to, too!  Post it on your Instagram feed, tag @liveyouryes, and #liveyouryes! You’ll be entered to win a 1 day juice cleanse from Truce Juice!

Entrepreneurial You - Week 7

Overcoming Jealousy


Today’s conversation is about a topic not too celebrated as most of us were taught it’s wrong to be jealous of others; yet it can be real. I was taught to put a smile on my face, and suck it up when I saw a friend win a match, or get a cool new pair of shoes, promotion, or opportunity.  The “ugly” feelings made me feel like something was wrong with me because I was told to replace them with ignorance or to just be happy! Over time, the feeling does go away, but the mask I unknowingly started to wear told me I wasn’t good enough, or didn’t fit in. Before long - life as I saw it happened for others; but not for me.

I’m here to tell you; you’re not alone. Jealousy simply means there is a fear present.  When a fear is present, it’s easy for your mind to create comparison, and doubt. Fears are not present in the present moment; they are an illusion.  In other words - can you prove your fear in reality or is it only in your head? Fear only lives in you.

You can never get rid of your thoughts, but you can strengthen your rebound time with a consistent meditation practice.  The best part about meditation is you can do it anywhere, anytime of day, and it doesn’t require any prep work. You focus your mind on an object for a set amount of time.  The object can be your breath, an object you look at, or a sound. My go to resource for all things meditation is Dr. Richard Davidson. He is a neuropsychiatrist, and the founder of Center for Healthy Minds.

The other tool that works nicely with meditation is powerful.  Viktor Frankl was the scientist behind proving you can choose how you perceive your reality.  This goes hand and hand with meditation. When you are stimulated by something, or someone, you have a choice to react (without thought) or respond (with thought).

Entrepreneurial You - Week 6

Overcoming Objections

Hey Friends - today it’s time to learn HOW to overcome your client’s objections when selling your services to them.

My “old school” way of selling was this formula: You + Like me = $$. Seemed easy enough so I put this formula into action for YEARS! The challenges with this formula were the amount of time it took my dream clients to like me, and the wasted energy + time I spent avoiding asking the real questions.

Now are all things in this formula bad? Actually, no. The best part of the formula was the trust built between myself and the client. I learned how to be patient, listen, eye contact, and giving the client space to be heard. Sometimes it worked and I was hired, and over time I crafted my skills. Here’s what I learned, and want to share with you!

Overcoming Objections:
Let them off gently: This is your way of saying you understand the quickest way for them to lose interest or trust in you is to push your services down their throat even though you know it will solve their problem.

You honor and respect they know what is best for their life and business. You thank them for their time, and move on to the next. You can always call them out by asking them if money wasn’t an object to working with you, would they consider investing in your service? Does your service move them from where they currently are, to where they want to be? If not - ask them what else is missing.

You can just do nothing! Sometimes they aren’t your dream client, and that's okay. You can refer them to another expert! You can tell them even if it’s not you they work with, you will happily refer them to an expert who will.

Ask them straight up! Tell them you are a straight shooter and want them to help you out. What is it that your service isn’t offering to them. You can ask them what they are wanting to achieve that your service doesn’t provide. Ask if you are the right for for them. If their response points to you and your services, ask them what needs to happen to get them to say yes. Relate to them so they know you understand what it’s like to put all you have on the line. You’ve been in their shoes and get it. The reality is when you are all in, the payoff, and the results are life changing.

Always follow up the next day. Take what you heard them say, and follow up with them regarding it. You never know what a good night’s sleep can do to help both parties gain perspective.

Entrepreneurial You - Week 5

Take the Ick Out of Selling

Alright boss- today we’re having the conversation about M.O.N.E.Y.

Now here’s what I know about selling your services and products: it’s not personal. Yet; you make it personal. It’s easy to think when someone doesn’t pick up what you’re laying down; there is something wrong with you. The reality is; it has nothing to do with you. On that particular day and time when you offered your service to a prospective client, they might be distracted and not ready. Most of our dream clients dream about a life better with your service, but haven’t necessarily made the decision to do it.

Clients are typically not ready to change when we approach them with our product or service. The next time you are selling to your dream client, be prepared to address the following:

1. What problems and challenges are they allowing to persist that, if changed would radically improve their results?

2. What do they lose by not making these changes? Money? Clients? Market Share? Maybe all of the above? Remember when speaking to your dream client, always thank them for their TIME. Getting someone’s time is a non-renewable resource they can’t get back. Before jumping in and talking about yourself and/or service- ask your client to talk about the struggles or challenges they are currently facing. As they speak, it may help to jot down a few key things they are saying. I find this helpful to stay present with them, versus trying to fix what they are telling me. Once your client is finished speaking, acknowledge them generously. You want your clients to feel that you get their concern, and pain points! This is often overlooked: “Thank you so much for sharing with me _____________________. I understand what it feels like to __________.”

3. When dealing with your client's objections to your service, remember “no” is “no for today”. It doesn’t mean it’s a “no” forever!

4. It’s not about the money. I don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed this to be true. When someone really wants something, they find the money. People buy from people who “get them”. You are emotionally wired.  You buy with our emotions, not necessarily logic. When you truly believe your service will benefit their pain, they experience this from you, and stars align.

5. Desperation and neediness for money can be felt by the person you are selling. My mentor taught me years ago to act “as if” I had all the money in the world, then ask myself how I would come across when selling myself. I took this attitude on, and it worked. It’s an amazing shift when you don’t need something; you get it!

6. Consider when you’ve been on a lot of selling appointments and no one is hiring you.  Might be time to reevaluate the pricing of your service, and pitch (or both).